STUDIO BANAA is a San Francisco-based architecture practice focused on creating thoughtful and inventive urban infill and adaptive reuse projects for real estate developers, local businesses, and community organizations. BANAA is a certified Woman-Owned San Francisco Local Business Enterprise.



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BANAA (“bah-nah”) noun, Persian: a formation, basis, and anatomy and frame of a built environment, BANAA is defined as a mason or an architect.




Driven by both creativity and functionality, our approach to design is uniquely tailored to each particular user and site. Information-gathering through user and community feedback, site and environmental analysis, market research, feasibility studies, and general exploration is what we believe forms the basis of a successful design. Armed with our newfound knowledge and heads full of fresh ideas, we are able to produce cohesive design solutions with a deeper understanding of your project’s needs.
The buildings we design prove that creativity, financial returns, and doing the right thing for the community and the environment are not mutually exclusive.  We design creative housing solutions and bold commercial spaces that serve the community, increase density, and maximize existing resources.



  COLLABORATION: We pride ourselves in a creative process that is inherently collaborative, iterative, and democratic. Our inspiration comes from the synthesis of community outreach, engineers, artists, builders, agencies, and the users who we interact and work with.   SUSTAINABILITY: While we believe smart design through natural daylighting, ventilation, and site planning is inherently “green”, we also design buildings with more progressive technologies such as net-zero or net-positive energy use.   COMMUNITY: We love to interact with communities and contribute our design and construction expertise to create socially valuable and relevant spaces.