Kokak Chocolate Shop

A brick and mortar store that’s just as delectably different as the treats it sells. 

San Francisco, CA
Chocolate Shop
Custom Woodworks.
GMEP Engineers.

Chocolatier Carol Gancia brings her Philippino heritage to her chocolate. And we knew the space for her first brick and mortar store needed to be just as delectably different as the treats themselves. So we delved into the structure of the cocoa bean – from its core, up through the layers surrounding, to the branches from which it is plucked.

Inspired by the complexity of this raw ingredient, we designed an intricate space, layered with interaction points and wayfinding cues. A wave of seating winds organically around the perimeter, counter space lets visitors interact with the chocolate-making process, and further space encourages blissing out under the spell of the cocoa bean with its South East Asian twist.