Serious Dumpling

Serious Design for Serious Dumpling

San Jose, CA
Fast Casual Restaurant
Ralph Lammers Construction.
Phebe Shen.
Chris Yeo Restaurant Group.

Serious Dumpling is a new fast-casual restaurant concept, bringing the vibrant and tasty dumplings of Shanghai to California. Led by restaurateur Chris Yeo and partners Cheng Ye and Phebe Shen, Serious Dumpling will showcase old world techniques combined with the freshest Californian ingredients.

Design plays a crucial role in the success of this concept, both in branding and interior design. The interiors feature clean, modern lines, with concrete, hot rolled steel, and light maple wood accents. Bright neon accents and a mural add visual interest and lighten the mood. The design strikes a balance between high-end style and minimalism, creating an inviting space that is both functional and sophisticated.

With Chris Yeo’s long history of creating successful dining experiences, Serious Dumpling promises to bring a new level of creativity and flair to the fast-casual dining scene, and we are thrilled to be part of that story.

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