The Grove Apartments

The Grove Apartments San Jose

Project Description

The Grove involves an interior & exterior remodel of an existing fifteen building multifamily residential complex, leasing office, and fitness center in San Jose. We undertook a series of facade studies which brainstormed different ways to upgrade the 1970’s building by using, primarily, the balconies as a catalyst for the transformation. A box language is what we ended up landing on, with balcony types being either “open” or “closed” and rhythmically scattered to create a sense of difference between the monolithic buildings. The patterns are also adaptable to the multitude of building types which have combinations of one, two, and three-story volumes. The interior design portion of the project involved lightening up the common spaces with new modern materials such as bright tiles, glass, and a honeycomb ceiling feature at the lobbies.

The Grove - Existing Exteriors
The Grove Apartments - Facade Studies
The Grove Apartments - Interior Corridors
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