Zenrez Office Interiors

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Project Description

Zenrez, a technology company who provides customers with a booking system for fitness and yoga studios, came to us for a design that was simple, yet sophisticated, seeking a minimalist, cutting edge and bold language. The company’s curvy hourglass logo, which takes cues from the human body, was an early inspiration for designing the space – a historic building in downtown San Francisco characterized by heavy timber wood beams and brick exterior walls.





Many of Zenrez’s clients echoed eastern philosophies in their practice and they felt this needs to be represented in their space – use of light wood, plants and ergonomic forms were early inspirations that formed our initial ideas.

Our core concept,  “The Spine”, is a multi-functional furniture piece that sweeps from the entry into the center of the space, encouraging different types of engagements and creating a division of entry from a workspace. The Spine allows for teams to congregate, problem solve and socialize in a variety of different informal environments which include everything from cafe style seating to large group presentations.

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With a small but quickly growing company like Zenrez it is important that the space is flexible and can grow as the company does. The space was designed and envisioned as a series of phases which would allow internal growth to occur naturally and incrementally.


White-washed white oak for the sweeping bench pieces and natural materials such as rope are used for the entry room screen. New raw materials like rope and wood complement the old historic elements such as heavy timber beams and brick walls, and phone booth pods are sprinkled throughout the work spaces for privacy in an open office environment.


Similar to the brand, the space creates an iconic and unique feel that reflects the company’s lifestyle, while showcasing the historical spirit of the space to its fullest.

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