Sanguchon Peruvian Restaurant

A physical manifestation of heritage: an invitation for diners to interact with the culture of Peru.

San Francisco, CA
Peruvian Sandwich Shop
Ralph Lammers Construction.
GMEP Engineers.
Sue & Carlos Altomirano.

The blank space was a typical, long and narrow commercial unit. But Carlos Altamirano’s story was anything but typical. The Peruvian native left his mother’s kitchen in the small desert city of Nazca at age 23 to follow his taste buds and build a food empire in San Francisco. We were determined to make this restaurant in the Mission District a physical manifestation of his heritage – and an invitation for diners to interact with the culture of Peru.

A striking mural of Nazca lines etched into a wood soffit draws you in and down the long narrow space from the street; the color palette makes your mouth water for sweet potatos and eyes tingle with Peruvian opal blue and warm, creamy whites. And low seating encourages casual, drop-in style interactions.