Voyager Cafe #3


Project Description

Voyager Craft Coffee is a thriving coffee startup with a mission to create craft coffee drinks inspired by the flavors and tastes of the owners’ travels to various countries around the world. After designing the remodel of their first location (see Voyager Coffee – The Original), we got to know the company’s vibe and eclectic style. The project’s location in a highly trafficked area of San Pedro Market in San Jose was influential to the placement of the coffee bar – the shop is exposed on two sides by huge expanses of glass on a highly visible street and outdoor seating area, and on a third side is a busy bar which serves hundreds of people a day at the Square. Brand visibility and efficient use of space became key to the concept, and we formed a round bar that stands out from all angles. The materiality of the coffee bar reinforces the spatial configuration and concept of the overall space by placing a system of triangular dowels at the bar’s face, painted in a way that the colors are perceived differently when walking around the bar’s curved geometry. At the perimeter, a series of arched metal shelving pieces define the shop’s edges and reflects the traditional architecture of the Square’s interior while holding an eclectic variety of coffee beans, merchandise, and planting.

Photographer: Mike Sanchez

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