Sadra Civic Center



Sadra Civic Center – Iran Urban Planning

Project Description

Sadra City has been around for 25 years and is infused with culture and heritage. Belted by ancient cities of Shiraz, Esfahan, and Marvdasht, this city is strategically located at the hillside of Zagros mountains, with a temperate climate, and perfect for vacation.





This New City Center concept is a concentration of activities, social exchange settings, public functions, open spaces, iconic buildings: places to meet, places to work, places to live.

The city is being developed in two phases and the site is located at the transitional point between “old” and “new”, acting as a growth catalyst for the second phase of development. The linear growth pattern is taking place in a city that has been planned to follow the natural gas pipeline.

The question now is how do we create a strategy of natural growth? Geographically, the city is stretched along the mountain hillside, from South-East to North-West. The strategic location of the site is calling for a centric symmetrical pause and a restart in the linear growth pattern of the city.

This Urban Center becomes that pause, nurtured with series of experience. This nucleus of the city takes us on a journey through heritage, history, culture, art, and civilization. The Persian Gardens symbolically walk us through discovering events and spontaneous experiences and eventually guide us to gates opening to the surrounding cities.

Sadra Civic Center - Concept Matrix

This centralized concept is composed of a diversity of programs. Creating a much friendlier and urban center that reduces the need for cars, and a large amount of energy used for transportation. This decreases the amount of pollution and increases the amount of urban activity. The relationships and connectivity between people of the city will lead to a new concept for the city, where human scale is respected and interconnections between people encouraged.

Sadra Civic Center - Program Diagram2