Rapid Displays Warehouse Conversion

Integrating the experience of manufacturing and product design in a sun soaked workspace.

Union City, CA



Kianoush Harirsaz, Structural.
Atchison Construction.

This project converts an industrial manufacturing warehouse into a two-story office and retail display space for a production company manufacturing retail display cases for high end fashion brands like Sephora. 

The new space is meant to create an integrated design and manufacturing experience, by converting a portion of the manufacturing level into an office space where clients can experience the products, showroom, and process in a sequential and experiential manner. Functionally, the design and manufacturing staff work closely to each other in clusters both defined and separated by a central path (“sun hall”) is marked by bamboo slatted walls, planter boxes and parted ceiling clouds.  The path is meant for client tours and circulation of employees, who are led to a variety of collaborative workspaces to a variety of display prototypes and a kitchen area for staff to hang out.

Conference booths are scattered throughout the office area for informal meetings within the busy workplace. Skylights accentuate the sun path puncturing through the work space, allowing natural light to spread along the bamboo interior walls and through the ceilings of the wood custom booths.