Mastercraft Boats Retail Pavilion

Mastercraft Showroom Boat
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Project Description

The Mastercraft Experience Center’s goal is to re-imagine the relationship between the Mastercraft brand and bring potential customers in through an engaging mixed-use program. Through a proposed framework of an exhibit boardwalk, the viewing experience can be re-positioned so that visitors can learn and engage with the array of boats and experience the brand’s lifestyle and history.




Conceptually, we wanted the architecture to move users through the space in an organic way, through the boardwalk and into the various shops and galleries, but always engaging visually with the boardwalk and boats at the center of the showroom, regardless of the vista point.

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Anchored at one end of the building is a multi-story restaurant, brewery, and concert venue which will act as a draw for potential customers. Large spanning structure and a slatted industrial skin takes cues from the traditional warehouse environment of a boat showroom and adds style, light, and intrigue to the space.

interior SU
Mastercraft R3 restaurant
Mastercraft R3 exterior vray