Ivy Hill Leasing Office & BBQ Island

Ivy Hill Leasing Office – Multifamily Residential

Project Description

Ivy Hill Apartments hired us for two facility improvement projects within their multifamily residential complex in Walnut Creek: (1) a new leasing office addition and remodel for staff and new tenants, and (2) a new outdoor barbecue deck for existing tenant use.




Barbecue Deck

The new barbecue deck, dubbed “BBQ Island”, takes cues from the curvy organic form of the planters which surround it. A raised platform deck allows for users to relax, socialize, and sunbathe in a variety of ways: near the fire pit, at the lounge, or in the cooking area. A triangulated tensile shade canopy provides partial shade to the deck and allows for semi-outdoor living in the summertime.

Ivy Hill BBQ Area- Existing
Ivy Hill BBQ Area

Leasing Office

The Leasing Office transforms a dark, single-story building located under a concrete plinth and inside a parking garage into a well lit, double-height space that grabs the attention of potential tenants from the street. A simple box form and modern materials such as glass and concrete provide contrast to the residential buildings surrounding it and gives the growing facility much-needed space for the facility.

Ivy Hill Leasing - Existing
leasing office - color