Excelsior Community Hub

Excelsior Community Hub – Lounge

Project Description

This is a community center project that we discovered through “The 1+” (formerly Public Architecture) for the Excelsior Community Hub in San Francisco. The Community hub provides training services to children, the elderly, and unemployed members of the Mission District community.

Through extensive meetings with the members of the community, we came up with a design that is versatile, flexible and yet offers a simple, calm and inviting space for creativity, studying, and socializing. The space consists of a reception area, a main flexible working area, a kitchenette, private offices and two workshop spaces.


Due to the lack of storage space for tables and chairs used for big gatherings, we designed a storage solution that integrates individual desk spaces, as well as a writable surface for presentations and collaboration. A custom wall system is able to accommodate the wide variety of programs that occur within the space by folding and unfolding a series of tables, desks, whiteboards, and storage spaces into the main assembly area.

Excelsior Community Hub - Kitchen